Football Beats Little Miami

Posted on: September 21, 2021

McDole Scores

Football Spartans “Moss” the Panthers

Each year, Homecoming week typically challenges the capacity of Turpin Township with two suspenseful
questions: Will social media break with all those pre-dance pictures? And will every football Spartan
successfully squeeze into those sweet (but extremely tight) gold jerseys? Ahhhh yes, gold jersey week
never disappoints, and the referees certainly added to the theme by constantly throwing their yellow
flags to the dismay of both sidelines and fan bases. In what seemed like 4 hours and 25 minutes later,
your Turpin Spartans improved to 4-1 with a much-needed, bounce-back 41-23 win over the Little Miami

Preparing for the balance of the Turpin offense is becoming impossible, as each week the ECC is
essentially forced to pick their poison. Impressively, the Panthers tried to introduce a new level of
confusion by bringing along their full band from the lands of Fort Ancient. It did not work.

The Spartan offense slayed through the Panthers and their band with just under 500 yards of total offense. Will
Schulok found Ryan McDole and Louie Birk 8 times each for a total of 232 yards through the air, while
Keenan Alcalde extended his ECC rushing lead by churning out another 211 yards on the ground. Schulok
also harnessed his inner Lamar by scrambling out in space for 37 rushing yards of his own to showcase
yet another dimension of the Turpin offense. It was no secret the offensive line struggled against
Milford, but the delivery of their new branded shirts combined with a “spirited” week from Coach Kieft
resulted in 264 total rushing yards and zero sacks for the Obeastie Boyz.

The web press room is not privy to the Turpin playbook, but there is one play that should soon be
renamed “McDole” for future generations of Spartans. For those who exited the stands early to beat the
halftime concession rush, Schulok unleashed a 50-yard missile through the Spartan Stadium sunset as
the 2 nd quarter seconds ticked away. Even public-school teams call this play a Hail Mary, but nobody
looked surprised watching Ryan McDole climb the ladder and “Moss” 4 Little Miami Panthers for a
momentum swing touchdown grab and a 13-10 halftime lead.

Little Miami found a few answers during halftime within Klinger Court, but McDole found the end zone
two more times in the second half for the coveted touchdown hat trick. The Panthers remained within
striking distance until the Spartan defense finally locked down the cage midway through the 4th quarter.
Through 5 games, the defensive secondary of Drew Covington, Tate Johnson, Grady Abbatiello, Charlie
Feltman bends but never breaks, and their big hit physicality eventually wears down opposing pass
catchers. Drew Covington snagged another critical interception, Ben Cushman continued his PAT
blocking specialty, and a huge Gabe Asbury hit required walking assistance for the Panther QB to the
sideline medical tent. No high school football fan ever takes PATs for granted, and Lucas Jones split the
uprights on all 5 of his extra point attempts to record a perfect night with his leg.

McCullough’s 2 Minute Drill

What were your positive takeaways this week?
Coach McCullough: I was really proud of the way the boys responded this week after a tough loss last
week. I challenged the offensive line to control the game and they did. They did a great job of
establishing a new line of scrimmage every play and giving Keenan holes to run. For us to be successful
on offense, the offensive line needs to continue with their dominant play the rest of the year.

The men in stripes ALMOST took complete control of the game Friday night. How frustrating is it
coaching a game with so much yellow laundry flying around?

Coach McCullough: It was very frustrating for both teams. The officials want to control the play but we
handled the not-so-good officiating with staying focused and controlling what we can control and that
was our play. There are going to be games like this so we have to continue to control our emotions and

What is the most important way the Spartans need to get better for Walnut Hills next week?
Coach McCullough: One of my favorite sayings is "Ignore the noise!" That saying is great for this week.
We need to have a great week of practice and laser focus in our preparation for Walnut Hills and not
relax or get complacent. I like this team's fight and determination but there are plenty of mistakes for us
to clean up this week before Walnut.

Fortunately, Coach McCullough considers all OTHER press as noise and not the Bartels Road home team
web journalist (I think…). The ECC gridiron grind continues this week with a road trip to Walnut Hills.

COVID-19 prevented a 2020 clash between the schools, so the Eagles will certainly be ready to claw into the Spartans’ armor. Kickoff is the normal 7pm, and great seats are still available on all major ticket outlet apps and websites.

Nothing works unless the linemen do and Go Spartans!