Football Spartans Jousted by Knights

Posted on: October 27, 2020

Despite the prestige and lucrative financial compensation, web reporting can be a tough gig. Creative game descriptions flow like water when the Spartans are slaying their opponents with ease. However, a disappointing 17-0 playoff loss to the Kings Knights certainly served as a journalistic buzzkill.


Friday’s false start due to Mother Nature suspended the Spartan attack on the Castle and forced an awkward late evening retreat back to Turpin Township. Fortunately though, a strategic reloading of the buses at dawn successfully avoided the Trump parade and arrived in time for a high noon Saturday kickoff. Turpin's stingy defense played resilient, holding the high-powered Knights offense to just 17 points. Normally, the Turpin offense can score 21 points before the popcorn machine refills, so victory definitely remained within reach. Unexpectedly though, three costly Spartan turnovers and stalled drives harnessed the Turpin offense and left an odd looking goose egg on the Spartan side of the scoreboard. The quest for a rematch with Winton Woods defers to next season for now, and a Kings vs. Winton Woods playoff matchup feels much like a Steelers/Browns game to Turpin fans. Which team do we actually want to win that game???


McCullough’s 2 Minute Drill:

What were your 2-3 most positive takeaways this week?

Coach McCullough: “I was very happy with how hard the team played even though it just wasn't our day. The team played hard and fought all the way to the end. I was very proud  of the boys, that even when the game didn't go our way, the class the boys showed was a credit to them and the state of the program.”


How hard is it for you sending off this senior class?

Coach McCullough: “In the craziness of this year, I have been very pleased with the team's focus from week to week. I am very thankful for this senior class and everything that they overcame this year. When I became head coach at Turpin, this group of seniors were just freshmen and it has been a pleasure watching them grow into the men that they are. I can speak for all of the coaches by saying it has been an honor and privilege to coach these young men. Thank you, Seniors! Once a Spartan, forever a Spartan!”


Obviously, the playoff run ended sooner than hoped, but Coach McCullough continues working day and night to keep the season alive with a new varsity opponent this week. We definitely want more Spartan football, and stay tuned for more info soon. Another game also provides the opportunity to fill a huge role in the stands for next season. Who will replace the passion and spirited vocal cords of football super mom Stephanie Myres next season? Nominations will be accepted and auditions will commence during the extra game, so Turpin football moms.....bring your energy!! :)


Nothing works unless the linemen do, and go Spartans!