Football Spartans Season Wrap-up

Posted on: November 19, 2021
2021 Senior Class

Not sure how everyone else feels, but Friday nights are now horrible with no more Turpin Spartan football! How in the world did the season come and go in such a hot minute? Obviously, gratitude blankets the thesis of this final article, as experiencing a complete season of football with full stadium crowds helped return some sense of communal normalcy. Yeah, the season ended earlier than hoped, but what a season full of lifetime memories, and what an exciting steppingstone for the younger classes of Spartans. The future certainly shines bright for Spartan football, and the legacy left by each graduating class helps build upon the Brotherhood tradition.     


McCullough’s 2 Minute Drill:

What will you miss most about this senior class?

Coach McCullough: “I really enjoyed watching this senior class develop throughout their football careers as well as them personally.  I remember this group as freshmen and seeing them now is a night and day difference.  Their work ethic, dedication and perseverance throughout their high school careers has been tremendous.  They have gone through so much and couldn't be more proud of this group.  I would like to thank each of the seniors for everything that they have done for me, the coaches and the program.”


What excites you most about the frosh, sophomore, and junior classes? 

Coach McCullough: "I am excited about working with them and developing them into the next ECC champions.  They have a lot of work to do but the standard is the standard at Turpin and it is now their turn to take on that responsibility.”

Who’s your pick for the DII state champion? 

Coach McCullough: “Hard to say because there are a lot of good teams left but I am rooting for all the Cincinnati teams.”

Huge thank you to Coach McCullough for answering the call of the 2 Minute Drill each week over the last two years. Through all the awesome wins and just a few losses, Coach always answered my questions timely and with class. 

Despite finishing this season with 25 seniors, the freshman version of this senior group enjoyed congregating around the medical tent more than the line of scrimmage. Injuries plagued their frosh season for sure, as only 12 healthy players remained standing midway through their 2018 schedule. A heavy recruiting effort in the classroom resulted in 5 new players donning Spartan football uniforms just so the team could finish that infamous frosh season. Those last few game recap articles wrote themselves, as entertaining content exploded from the typewriter. Free agency obviously added a few key studs the last couple of years to complete this solid class of 2022 Spartan seniors.

No collection of words can express the massive amount of THANK YOU deserved by all the Spartan football coaches. Coaching high school sports never includes lucrative compensation, and your incredible amount of time, energy, and patience in mentoring our teenage boys is much appreciated and never taken for granted.

An extreme special thanks to Melissa Frantz and Corinna Asbury for serving as our Spartan Team Moms the last two years. Linemen certainly need to work, but absolutely nothing works on a football team without all the time, communication, and coordination from the Team Moms. 

Mamie Ito, Melissa Frantz, and Jenn Holler: all the pictures you captured this season are priceless! All the memories of the season will remain vivid thanks to you, and your pics will also help maintain some sense of reality when the Spartans attempt to exaggerate their feats as they age! 

Thank you to Elisa Cushman, Sarah Hammelrath, and Jessica Hurst for slotting and organizing the weekly team dinners, thank you to Dawn and Marty Feltman for hosting the senior dinner, and thank you to Amy Fontaine and Tanya Haines for arranging all the senior week gifts. And, nobody researches and coordinates weekly, pregame tailgate locations better than Bill Schulok! 

If you made it this far, I appreciate you reading my articles. Having a son in this year’s senior class makes this final edition difficult to finish. Writing about this collection of young men over the last four years has been an absolute blast and I look forward to watching Spartan football for many years to come. 


Nothing works unless the linemen do and Go Spartans!