Football Spartans Shut Down the Nut House

Posted on: September 27, 2021
Varsity Football vs Walnut Hills

No matter how good the ECC is, a lopsided game always finds its way onto the schedule and Friday night quickly became one of those contests. Spartan rushing touchdowns flowed like water, the season’s first running clock accelerated the second half, and the Turpin JV enjoyed their inaugural taste of Friday night lights. All smiles, dancing, victory formation, and bus ride shenanigans galore, as your Turpin Spartans improve to 5-1 with a 34-13 wing clipping win at Walnut Hills. 

Starting with the offensive accolades is becoming common place, but this week’s short story must begin with the Spartan defense. A big scoreboard goose egg shined bright below the Eagle name for most of the evening, and the Spartans’ first shut out seemed imminent. However, Walnut Hills varsity remained on the field and scored two garbage time touchdowns to soften the Spartan dominance in the final score. Safety Drew Covington picked off his third and fourth passes of the season, and more dynamic interception returns might slowly earn him a new “Prime Time” nickname. The Spartan defensive front seven brought nothing but heat all night long, pressuring Walnut’s sophomore quarterback into numerous hurried throws and hectic scrambles.

The Obeastie Boyz certainly commanded the line of scrimmage this week, keeping QB1 Schulok upright and clean for a second consecutive game and carving out plenty of open space for their workhorse tailback to roam. Keenan Alcalde enjoyed another stellar night at the office, gobbling up large chunks of rushing yards, visiting the house 4 more times, and once again flooding all local media highlight reels. And thankfully, everyone is learning how to correctly pronounce his last name.

McCullough’s 2 Minute Drill:

What were your positive takeaways this week?

Coach McCullough: I liked how we started fast and pushed the pedal early and often.  I like how we didn't give them a chance.  It was a complete game for us and I was very impressed with our maturity in a game that we knew we should win.

What is the biggest coaching challenge during a blowout and obvious mismatch?

Coach McCullough: It's never a challenge but in a game like Friday night, I wanted to get a lot of kids in the game and for us to stay healthy.  Also, I am a big believer in winning games in a first class manner and I believe the team represented their families and the school the right way on Friday night.

What is the most important way the Spartans need to get better for Lebanon next week?

Coach McCullough: This is going to sound weird but Lebanon is the best 0-5 I have ever seen.  They are a fundamental sound team that can put points on the board and defend very well.  The issue for them. is the schedule has not been in their favor.  They just got done playing Winton Woods, Kings, & Anderson, teams that we haven't seen yet but will very, very soon. We need a great week of preparation, stay healthy, and get ready for a tough, physical game this Friday night versus Lebanon.

Huge props to the Turpin cheerleaders this week, as they were severely outnumbered 41-9 by the Walnut Hills spirit squad. Fortunately, our young Spartan ladies remained poised, trusted their preparation, and amplified their pipes to overcome the obvious disadvantage. Well done, girls!

Thanks to an unkind schedule maker, your Turpin Spartans must rough it in those yellow buses on another ECC road trip this Friday night. A medieval clash awaits up north in Lebanon, and the Warriors will likely spend the week sharpening swords and lubing the pulleys on their catapults. Each successive win increases the target size on the back of our Spartan jerseys, especially for the view of a winless Warrior squad. Kickoff is the normal 7pm, and great seats are still available on all major ticket outlet apps and websites. Nothing works unless the linemen do and Go Spartans!