Football Spartans Stumble in the Woods

Posted on: October 6, 2020

As two of our newer Cincinnati sports celebrities recently disclosed on Twitter, “Winning is Fun” (Joey Burrow) and “Losing is Not Fun” (Trevor Bauer). Friday night, the Spartan Football buses navigated almost half of the I-275 loop for a highly anticipated ECC clash with Winton Woods. Unfortunately, the Warriors exercised very little noble hospitality and conquered the Spartans, 33-13. Of course, enjoying the journey, embracing the process, and viewing losses as lessons learned are all part of the sports fun too, but leaving Winton Woods on the short end of their BRIGHT jumbotron scoreboard will never be considered fun.

In any showdown matchup between medieval mascots, the margin of error is razor thin. Any mistake tends to be magnified and the team who makes the fewer mistakes usually wins. Friday night’s game was no different, as there were blocked extra points, interceptions converted into touchdowns, special teams’ miscues, and costly penalties from both teams. There were also some “anonymous” fans exclaiming their displeasure for a few questionable no-calls by the zebras, but in the end, Winton Woods capitalized on more Spartan mistakes and seized the ECC title belt from Turpin. 

McCullough’s 2 Minute Drill:

What were your 2-3 most positive takeaways this week?

Coach McCullough: “I really like how hard we played versus Winton Woods and that we never gave up and battled all the way to the end. It wasn't our best game and we made a lot of mistakes, but we still had chances to win the game.  I told the players after that a game is decided by 5 or 6 plays. They made those 5 or 6 plays, and the next time we see them we need to make them.  In the playoffs, making mistakes in key moments of games means your season is over.”

What is the most important way the Spartans get better for next week?

Coach McCullough: “In the bye week, we need to clean those mistakes and get healthy.  Time to make a playoff run!”

Friday’s awesome environment was just a preview on how epic this new crosstown ECC rivalry will surely be for years to come. Back in the old days, wrestling philosopher Ric Flair always said: “To be The Man, you got to beat The Man”. Winton Woods beat The Man in round one, but the Brotherhood shall certainly regroup and return with a vengeance! The good (?) new is our new nemesis donning the double deuces is only a junior, so we will have more chances to shut him down. First thing’s first though, as your Football Spartans’ immediate focus lies solely on the Fairborn and Withrow playoff game this weekend. The winner advances to serve as Turpin’ first playoff opponent on Friday October 16. Stay tuned for upcoming ticket information. 

Nothing works unless the linemen do, and Go Spartans.