Freshman erase 34-13 4th quarter deficit and come up short going for the W

Posted on: September 27, 2022

 There is no quit in these freshman. Down key playmakers they went toe to toe with the Warriors in the first half trading touchdowns in the first quarter to make it 6-6 with 3:17 left when Luke Mileham hit Brady Gillespie for the score.
> The celebration did not last long as Lebanon went deep to make it 12-6 a minute later which was the end of the first tally.
> In the second the Spartans took the lead with a Max Reed TD from Mileham and a Addi Braun PAT put the Spartans up 13-12.
> The Warriors got the ball back and fumbled on the first play, giving the Spartans a great opportunity to add to the lead but the drive stalled at midfield. The Warriors got the ball and scored with 2:38 left in the half making the score 20-13.
>    Turpin got the ball on the next drive and went three and out forcing the punt. The Warriors did damage and on one play executed a double pass and scored to make the score 28- 13.
> Another Turpin drive stalled giving Lebanon time but Brady Gillespie stepped in and picked the Warrior QB to take the team to halftime down 15 with a score of 28-13.
> The Spartans opened the half in the hurry up and it was working as they sliced through the warrior defense. The drive ended at the one yard line as QB Luke Mileham fumbled trying to make his way in for the score. The Warriors took over deep and the Spartans had them backed up on the first two downs before busting a 97 yd TD on third and long from the three yard line scoring 22 unanswered points.
> Turpin was driving trying to get the comeback going in the third with spectacular runs by Gillespie but a Mileham interception put the defense back out on the field. The defense had enough and stuffed the Warriors to make the score 34-13 end of the third.

> In the fourth the Spartan freshman start to mount an insurmountable comeback. Down 21 with only nine minute quarters. First drive Trey Goetzel forced a pass interference then he was found by Mileham for a big gainer. Mileham next found Evan Overholser on a slant to take it down to the goal line. Next play they ran the Philly special as well as Nick Foles, Corey Clement and Trey Burton in the Super Bowl but it was Reed  finding Mileham for the score with 5:21 left.
> The D forced the Warriors three and out with outstanding pressure from Jake Olson and Bryce Noah.
> The offense got it back and Brandon Riley had two huge catches and gains as he drug the Warriors on his back to cross midfield. Mileham found Reed again with 1:21 left point good to make it 34-27
> With time running out the defense stepped up big forcing a third and long before Gillespie got his second pick setting up the Spartans for an unbelievable comeback. Another big offensive play by Gillespie got them inside the 5 then Mileham hit Evan Overholser for the TD and decision time at 34-33. The Spartans went for the W but came up short as Mileham rolled to his left and end up trying to get the the cone but came up short. Final. 34-33.