Frosh Volleyball Update!

Posted on: September 27, 2021
Freshman VB vs Kings

Just like every business these days, a staffing shortage has limited article production from the Turpin web journalism team. Three weeks passing between updates on the future of frosh volleyball certainly tested the patience of even our most loyal readers. Fortunately, a string of many exciting games, more practices running late, and the amazing night of our beautiful young ladies rocking their first Homecoming Dance helped distract the fanbase and fill the void.

 So how are the young frosh looking? Major improvements across the board in energy level and intensity helped fuel a sizzling string of 6 wins in 7 games. Relatively easy victories over Loveland, the Little U, Winton Woods, Lebanon, and Kings helped soothe the sting from falling to Milford’s JVB squad. Losing to Milford is never fun, but completing a season sweep over the Forest Road Dinosaurs left the frosh sporting an impressive 12-3 record as they head into the final stretch of the season.

You know the season is going well when the biggest hiccup has been a postgame, ice cream shop detour. We once again sat down with head coach Kyle Fahrenkamp for some Q&A to download his updated impressions of the season:

The Gap and Go with Coach Kyle:

What are some ways the young Spartans are showing good progress?

Coach Kyle: I have watched our Freshman grow in so many ways, but every day I am seeing more resilience and confidence in the team. The team is starting to consistently hold on to what is good about themselves and what contributes to more positive outcomes. On the other side, we are specifically letting go of the negative parts that don't serve us well during a match. Player-wise - Sydney Knarr is serving the ball better than ever and continues to lead the Spartans, with a tenacious confidence that inspires everyone. Her, Emily Morgan, Madison Gillespie, and Reese Puttman are a force behind the service line. Ava Herking and Belle Cogan have been tremendous in practice, its starting to transfer on gameday and both have been consistently good for Spartans in every match. Kallie Netherton had breakout performance against Winton Woods, and our defense is solidified more than ever with Maya Ganim and Raegan Martin hustling for every ball. One player in particular has grown leap bounds these past two weeks...Ellie Carnahan. Ellie has dominated both opponents and the stat sheet. Not only has Ellie shown that she is capable of playing more than one role, but she is leading our team in kills. Ellie shows up every day asking questions and wanting to get's really great.


How have you been able to keep the girls energized during the increased volume of high school sports?

Coach Kyle: This is a great question and one that is a huge difference with school volleyball. Obviously, it helps to have a principled approach to the game that is simple and repeatable. We do our best to provide routine and stability, but it’s also important to incorporate new spins on drills that emphasize an area focus that needs improvement or fine tuning to keep things fresh. That could mean a variety of things, a new drill or the same drill with a different scoring system, small, sided games or simulating situational actions that they are likely to see on gameday. Ultimately, I'm trying to teach them how to beat those specific game like scenarios and generate a more consistent result.

What are a few aspects where you hope to still see improvement?

Coach Kyle: I believe as a coach that preparation is empowerment, and specifically during the school season. We (and so does everyone!) get an opportunity to see what transfers from practice to what shows up on game day. Some days are better than others, but I am particularly focused on dialing in serve receive and taking the offense to another level. Right now, I believe our serving, hitting and defense is very strong, if not the very best in the ECC, but we can always do more. Going forward, I am looking forward to moving from the technical phase of training, and into a more creative phase as we sure up substitution patterns and dial in more competitive roles for players to excel.

West Clermont, Walnut Hills, and Loveland serve as your young Spartans’ next victims this week. And EVERYONE is more than ready for the rematch in the bird cage of Milford. Great seats are ALWAYS available at freshman volleyball games, while line judge volunteer spots remain open and waiting for you.

Be better today than yesterday with no unforced errors and Go Spartans!