JV Boys Soccer vs Kings 0-0

Posted on: October 9, 2020
Big shot out to Ethan Smith last week and Keith Ackel this week for being my eyes on the field. Can't wait until quarantine is over! Game starts off with immediate pressure that results in a corner. Kick by Chris Pimenidis and follow up by Ben Petru and Jackson Barrick proves we are finally getting that "crashing the goal" mantra. With a little help from our friends above, Shane Barrett strikes strongly but just a tad too high. Jackson Barrick has great defensive pressure to deny an open shot right in the danger zone. Great build up in back starts the momentum forward to a header that was just off frame and Ben Petru sails one from a corner kick and just misses. The shots keep coming--Griffin Jones drops one but keeper is there, Shane Barrett takes another followed by Matthew Osterlund. Finally Yaseen's fortitude in the first half keeps the Kings confused and at bay.
In the second half the Kings start to take control but an interception by Jackson Barrick with quick passing to Ben Petru and Shane Barrett result in a shot deflected just right of frame. Everyone keeps their guard up and did not give up in the 2nd half. Then came the 2 minute "warning"--not our strong point. Unfortunately a ball is misplayed and it turns into a Kings opportunity--they are racing down the field and everyone is literally holding their masked breath.  BUT an amazing move by keeper Daniel Lafkas saves the point blank shot with a minute to go and our Spartans tie Kings 0-0. We will take it!
Next game away this Saturday at Madeira at 11am. Come cheer on your Spartans!!