JV Boys Update

Posted on: September 14, 2020

JV Boys Soccer Team Shows What They're Made of

Even in a Loss to Mariemont 
The game started with goals by Mariemont in the 2nd, 14th and 34th minute but that's not the whole story.
The JV team is definitely finding their MOJO and acting like a true team on the field. Their passes were crisp. Their heads were up. They were harnessing their speed. They took a bit of time getting there thus the three goals but they held Mariemont to 0 goals in the second half. 
In the 14th minute, give and go by Ben Petru and Jackson Barrick made it to the 18 but stopped by Mariemont. Brody Blazer showed good hustle out there and did not give up on his mark in the first half. Preston Ellis had a great pass to get things going in minute 29 but Spartans just couldn't get past the Mariemont defense. Yaseen Soliman tracked down the ball carrier in minute 32 and did not give up badgering Mariemont. Great save by Daniel Lafkas in the 33 minute of first half but Mariemont still managed to sneak one in 2 minutes before the half.
In the second half the Spartans had the most possession. Keeper Nathan Burkhart kept the team's head up by frequent communication from the goal. Owen Berndt had a great give and go in minute 47 minute, Chris Pimenidis took a beautiful free kick, and Ben Jordan and Logan Smith  had some very successful tackles to regain possession for the Spartans. Matthew Osterlund had a multitude of counter attacks, bringing it up the line and finally a great strike by Spiro closed out the game.
This game was the best group effort so far. Great job, Spartans. Hopefully, next game is Sept 15 at Walnut Hills at 6pm.