JV team Taken Down by 70th min Anderson Goal

Posted on: September 11, 2020

The JV Boys Soccer team was off to a strong start with a solid strike from Ben Petru in the 2nd minute. He went on to score Turpin's only goal soon after that. Anderson answered eventually with a cross and header in to tie 1-1 in the first half. Goalie Nathan Burkhart had some great saves in minute 11 and 15. Matthew Osterlund cleared a dangerous pass from Anderson to keep the score tied going into halftime and Isaac Ackel helped keep the back line strong.  During most of the second half, Turpin channeled some needed energy and kept Anderson at bay. Keeper Daniel Lafkas had a monster save at the 68th minute but with only 2 minutes to go, an Anderson left winger broke a tackle and hit a floater over the keeper's head. He made a great effort to knock it away but the ball managed to find the back of the net. Final score,1-2 Anderson. The next game is Saturday Sept. 12 at Mariemont at 1:00pm.