Peter Henkel Dominates Again in 2-0 Win Against Fairfield

Posted on: May 20, 2019
Spartan baseball

The Spartan ace, Peter Henkel, was nothing short of spectacular in the second round of the tournament. In only sixty eight pitches, he threw a complete game shutout -- giving up only two hits. Henkel also led the Spartans offensively with two hits. Other contributors were Nick McLaughlin, Justin Silverstein, Connor Stout, Max Kline, and Nick Kapostasy each with a hit.

Fairfield's second hitter, Jacob Sheriff, singled to centerfield in the first inning. However, a ground ball by the very next batter was hit right at Austin Hartley. Hartley gave Justin Silverstein a low flip at second base but Silverstein snagged it with his bare hand and gunned the runner at first to not only get out of the inning, but set the energy tone for the rest of the game. There were no runs scored for the first three innings but shifty base running by Peter Collier on a failed squeeze bunt scored a run in the fourth inning. The Spartans scored another run in the fifth and that was more than enough for Henkel to close out the game.

The Spartans take on Lakota East at King High School on Tuesday (May 21st).