Spartan Swimming starts the season with a big splash over Lakota East and Lakota West

Posted on: December 6, 2021

It was an impressive performance with the Girls ECC defending champs collecting 134 points over Lakota East 104 and Lakota West 52.  The 2020 ECC League Runner up Spartan Boys collected 162 points to Lakota West 73 points and East 54 points.

Notable performances included: Girls 200 yard individual medley (back, breast, fly, and freestyle) with Sydney Aquila, Grace Aman, Madison Sweeney, and Meg Cosgrove placing Second and Kelcey Colglazier, Sami Colglazier, Abbey Leder, and Lilly Peveler finishing fourth.  The boys 200 yard medley relay led by the captains Henry Carnevale, Aidan Combs, and Scottie Nimmo along with Jack Wagner won the event with Connor Black, Quinn Keuper, Logan Brunderman, and Henry Schmittauer finishing second.  Allie Boberschmidt won the grueling 200 Individual medley.  Newcomers Luka Trubak and Stefan Gibson went first and third in the 200 IM for the boys.  Meg Cosgrove and Abby Leder went first and third in the 50 yard free style.  Adan Combs and Denny Rusche placed first and second in the boys 50 yard freestyle.  Grace Lyons finished third in the 100 yard butterfly while Jack Wagner and Luka Trobak went first and forth in the 100 yard butterfly.  Megan Sweeney won the 100 yard freestyle with teammate Meg Cosgrove placing second.  Henry Carnevale won the 100 freestyle with Denny Rusche placing second.  In the ultimate test of stamina the 500 yard freestyle Bella Morreale and Allie Boberschmidt finished first and second with Scottie Nimmo and Stefan Gibson also going first and second for the boys. 

In the Girls 200 Freestyle relay Sweeney, Morreale, Lyons, and Leder placed second with Aman, K. Colglazier, Peveler, and S Colglazier placing third.  

The boys 200 freestyle relay which was anchored by Aidan Combs along with newcomers Keuper, Trobok, and Gibson won the event just edging fellow teammates Rusche, Russ Haussman, Brunderman, and Schmittauer.  Aquilia and Kelcey Colglazier finished first and fourth in the 100 Backstroke while Henry Carnevale and Connor Black went first and fifth in the boys 100 backstroke.  Madison Sweeney and Grace Aman went one two in the 100 yard breast stroke with Aidan Combs and Quinn Keuper going one two for the boys in the 100 yard breast stroke.  

The 400 yard freestyle relay really showed the training of our Spartans with both boys and girls teams finishing one and two in the event.  The girls first place team was Boberschmidt, Meg Cosgrove, Morreale, and Aquilia.  Girls second place was Lilly Peveler, Sami Colglazier, Kelcey Colglazier, and Grace Lyons.  Boys first place was Wagner, Nimmo, Trobok, and Carnevale.  Second place was Rusche, Brunderman, Schmittauer, and Gibson.  

Join us on Tuesday night in the Dungeon when we take on Sycamore at 6pm.