Spartans Ready for 2020

Posted on: December 21, 2020

The gymnastics team is ready to move into 2021 and start competitions.    November and December saw the team busy at practice, more practice and more practice, with the competitive season ready to roll in January.  We are ready to show off our skills, all will be posted on line somewhere somehow, as no fans will be allowed due to space constraints.   We will keep you updated.   December was a bit different as we usually do a cookie bake making dozens of cookies then take to ICYO.   The group is Inner City Youth Opportunities where tutoring and after school care is provided for youth less fortunate.   We have been doing this project for about 10 years and enjoy delivering the cookies and helping the kids with homework  and that usually now turns into tick tocks and other silly stuff.This year we purchased all individually packed goodies  and then as a team were able to fill bags for each child , that will be delivered  by the ICYO head .   We are missing the contact.   We then tie dyed t-shirts for ourselves and got to teach our amazing assistant AD how to tie dye.   Then we had a very fruitful practice as we all brought bags and bags of fresh fruit for a group called MYWhy, that makes sure each student in a downtown elementary school goes home for the holiday with a bag of healthy goodness.    Helping others can make things all in perspective and  we will continue this new tradition.   Excited to FLIP into 2021 . Go SPAR10's