Posted on: September 24, 2021

After a tough loss at Milford, the injury-plagued Spartans took on Ross at home, down 4 players for the Maroon team’s roster. Although the weather was less than pleasant, as the humidity and the ever-present threat of rain hovered over the field, spirits were high at the kickoff. 

In the 8th minute of the first half, a tough corner got the best of keeper Lily Smith, amounting to an early goal for Ross. The Spartans kept fighting through the chaos, defending well with only a few successful connections due to Ross’s heavy pressure. Freshman center-back Rylie Gast was a bright spot in the rocky, mostly defensive first half. Thanks to her hard work and the support of her center-back partner, Karah Miller, JV Maroon managed to keep the Rams from putting the ball into the back of the net once again. Spartan’s Goalie, Lily Smith, kept her composure with solid play and organization to her back line. In the 35th minute, the Spartans managed to rally back with a wonderful left-footed goal from midfielder Chloe Zreik, assisted by JV Gold substitute Brooke Sirotak. With a controlled last minute of play, the Spartans headed off the field at halftime in a 1-1 draw. 

Following a rallying set of speeches by head coach Hannah Neises and goalkeeper coach Brett Black, the Spartans took the field with energy eager to start the second half. JV Maroon was the dominant team, firing off half a dozen shots over 36 minutes and controlling possession, though passing connections continued to be hit-or-miss. An unfortunate second Ross goal 4 minutes in was something they couldn’t come back from. Despite the Spartans trailing by 1, the team didn’t stop fighting in a tough battle with great runs by Chloe Zreik, Sophia Dean, Ava Hitt, and Sarah Jordan. A brilliant free-kick from sophomore Eva Theetge nearly made it 2-2, but was cleared away by Ross. All in all, it was a better performance from the Spartans in the second half, unfortunately ending as another difficult loss for JV Maroon. We would like to wish the girls luck as they face off against Anderson at home on Wednesday. 


-Caroline Kohls

Senior Mentor / Coaching Assistant