Sports Medicine Shadow Program Kicks Off First Year

Posted on: August 22, 2016
Tags: Sports medicine
Athletic training students Top (R to L): Drew Hardin ('17) and Sidney Bruner ('18) Bottom (R to L): Kandice Williams ('16), Ali Maddox ('15), Michaela Smith (NKU '17), and Cami Hemmelgarn ('19)

Athletic training students Top (R to L): Drew Hardin ('17) and Sidney Bruner ('18) Bottom (R to L): Kandice Williams ('16), Ali Maddox ('15), Michaela Smith (NKU '17), and Cami Hemmelgarn ('19)

Mercy Health and Wellington Orthopedics & Sports Medicine are proud to provide a shadow program for Turpin High School students to learn about sports medicine and athletic training. This year, four students were accepted to the program to learn about and assist in the everyday operations of the athletic training room, under the direction of Barbara Battaglia and Kyle Hickey.

What is an athletic trainer? According to the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who specialize in the prevention, examination, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of emergent, acute or chronic injuries and medical conditions. They are often present behind the scenes, taking care of athletes and preparing them for competition. Meet the sports medicine team: Kyle Hickey, Head Athletic Trainer, is starting his first year at Turpin. Barbara Battaglia, Assistant Athletic Trainer/DME Coordinator at Wellington Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, is entering her third year at Turpin. They are excited to work as a team to provide a great service to the Turpin family and as mentors to student athletic trainers. Student athletic trainers: The three Turpin students joining the sports medicine shadow program for the fall season are Drew Hardin (class of 2017), Sidney Bruner (class of 2018), and Cami Hemmelgarn (class of 2019).

All students were required to apply to the program by filling out an application consisting of a personal statement and hour commitment schedule. Students are trained in and expected to assist in hydrating student athletes, preventive treatments including stretching and taping, providing basic first aid, and contribute ideas to rehabilitation programs. The program is designed to be hands on and give real-life experience to students who are interested in pursuing an athletic training degree. Two recent graduates, Ali Maddox (class of 2015) and Kandice Williams (class of 2016) also joined us for football preseason. Ali is entering her second year at Denison University and majoring in athletic training. As a Turpin student she helped out on the sidelines during football games and assisted in the training room as well. Kandice will be attending Bowling Green State University this fall, majoring in athletic training as well. She is excited to learn more about athletic training and got some first-hand experience this summer working Turpin Football camp and two-a-days. Turpin is also fortunate to be a host site for college athletic training students. Barbara and Kyle are preceptors for Northern Kentucky University and are certified to teach NKU athletic training students. Throughout the year there will be multiple NKU students rotating through Turpin, assisting in the care and preventive treatment of our student athletes.