Swimming Battles Anderson

Posted on: December 27, 2021

While the Turpin vs Anderson meet is usually seen as rivalry week, Forest Hills came together as
a community Thursday night to celebrate the great kids and swimmers in our district as a whole.
Even though the competition was friendly and supportive, Turpin was able to walk away
victorious and celebrated their win at Skyline (G: 122-63; B: 133-41)!
Recognized swimmers from the meet for the varsity team were Lily Roberts and Marceau
Bonfils for their racing, and Addie Withrow for JV Gold for dropping 3 seconds in her 100 Free.
Turpin was able to accomplish their win by taking the top spots, for both girls and boys, in the
following events: All 3 relays, 200 IM, 50 Free, 100 Free, and 100 Breast. Turpin girls were also
able to take the top 3 places in the 500 Free!!

Honorable mentions to help bring wins in the above events:
Girls 200 Medley Relay (1:57.28): Johnson, A., Geiger, Johnson, L., and Wilson
Boys 200 Medley Relay (1:44. 32): Meyers, Platt, Burke, and Schmelzer
Girls 200 IM (2:21.39): Lily Roberts
Boys 200 IM (2:07. 50): Peter Schmelzer
Girls 50 Free (26.12): Ava Sutphin
Boys 50 Free (23.56): Marceau Bonfils
Girls 100 Free (57.67): Olivia Geiger
Boys 100 Free (52.80): Marceau Bonfils
Girls 500 Free: 1 st place went to Allie Boberschmidt with a 6:25.42; 2 nd place went to Meg
Cosgrove with a 6:27.71 finish followed by Grace Lyons placing 3 rd with 6:40.04
Girls 200 Free Relay (1:43.95): Roberts, Blankenship, Sutphin, A., and Studenka
Boys 200 Free Relay (1:35.69): Schmelzer, Carnevale, Combs, and Bonfils
Girls 100 Breast (1:14.28): Olivia Studenka
Boys 100 Breast (1:06.66): Peter Schmelzer
Girls 400 Free Relay (3:51. 85): Sutphin, A., Blankenship, Wilson, and Roberts
Boys 400 Free Relay (3:29.98): Burke, Bonfils, Wagner, and Carnevale
Way to go, Turpin!!!!!