Swimming vs Kings

Posted on: December 16, 2021

While Saturday happened to be a warmer December day for Cincinnatians, it was even warmer
down in the Turpin pool area with an overwhelming Spartan win against Kings (Women: 113-
54/ Men: 107-61).
2 swimmers that were able to help guide Turpin through that lead were juniors Peter Schmelzer
and Olivia Studenka. Schmelzer won the 50 Free with a time of 23.16 and the 100 Butterfly with
a 55.99. Studenka was also able to lead her way through the 200 Free with a 2:02.12 and the 500
Free with a 5:38.67. All 4 of these races are critical ones throughout the meet, and helped gain
Turpin points that led them to their victory.
Other honorable mentions for the meet are senior Henry Carnevale and junior Alexandra
Johnson. Carnevale won the 200 Free with a 1:57.02 and the 100 Free with 53.44. Johnson took
away wins in the 100 Butterfly with 1:02.32 and 100 Backstroke with 1:05.08.
Turpin Relays also contributed a great deal to the win, with the Spartans finding placement is all
3 relays.
For the boys, the 200 Medley was won by Bonfils, Platt, Burke, and Schmelzer with a 1:44
finish, followed by a 2 nd and 3 rd placement from the girls’ team. Johnson, A., Geiger,
Blankenship, and Wilson (1:58.2) earned 2 nd place, followed by a 3 rd place swim by Stotz, Aman,
Sweeney, and Cosgrove with 2:11.5. In the 200 Freestyle Relay, Turpin girls were able to place
1 st (Studenka, Johnson, A., Geiger, and Roberts) with 1:46.5, and 3 rd (Sweeney, Cosgrove,
Morreale, and Sutphin, B.) with 1:56.9. The boys followed suit with a 2 nd place finish of 1:38.7
lead by Platt, Carnevale, Nimmo, and Combs. And to round out the meet, both boys and girls
teams were able to take 1 st and 3 rd in their 400 Free Relays. The girls that lead the relay to the
3:54.84 win were Blankenship, Studenka, Wilson, and Roberts, and rounding out the scoring
with a 3 rd place finish with 4:17.09 were Morreale, Stotz, Cosgrove, and Sutphin, B. For the
boys, Bonfils, Carnevale, Burke, and Schmelzer finished 1 st with 3:28.91 and Combs, Patek,
Trobok, and Nimmo finished 3 rd with 3:52.12.
Other honorable mentions:
200 Free: Bella Sutphin finished 2 nd place with 2:09.19 followed by Allie Boberschmidt placing
3 rd with 2:27.37. For the boys, Marceau Bonfils finished 2 nd with 1:59.45
200 IM: Olivia Geiger won with event with 2:22.47, with Olivia Wilson finished 4 th (2:26.43) and
Grace Lyons 5 th (2:46.19). For the boys, Cooper Burke finished 1 st with 2:15.95 and Luka Trobok
finished 3 rd with 2:27.70.
50 Free: Spartans were able to take the top 3 spots with Roberts (25.97), Blankenship (26.03),
and Cosgrove (28.75). For the boys, Combs finished 3 rd with 24.89 and Nimmo placed 5 th with
100 Butterfly: Lily Blankenship finished 2 nd with 1:05.02 and Bella Sutphin finished 4 th with
1:07.77. For the boys, Rio Platt finished 2 nd with 1:00.32 and Stefan Gibson finished 4 th with

100 Freestyle: Olivia Wilson took the heat with 59.32 followed by a 3 rd place win from Natalie
Stotz with 1:02.01 and Grace Lyons swimming a 1:06.89. For the boys, Scottie Nimmo placed
2 nd with 56.12 followed by Lucas Peveler placing 4 th with 58.69.
500 Free: Natalie Stotz finished 2 nd with 5:50.56 followed by Bella Morreale with a 6:28.43
finish. For the boys, Marceau Bonfils placed 2 nd with 5:20.49 followed by Ben Patek’s 3 rd place
finish of 5:30.55 and a 4 th place finish of 5:32.35 for Luka Trobok.
100 Backstroke: Lily Roberts placed 2 nd with 1:09.05 followed by a 1:18.23 finish for Allie
Boberschmidt. For the boys, Burke (59.44), Black (1:11.95), and Gibson (1:13.40) took 2 nd , 3 rd ,
and 4 th place.
100 Breaststroke: Olivia Geiger won the event with 1:11.56 followed by a 1:21.75 finish from
Madison Sweeney and a 1:26.24 finish from Grace Aman. For the boys, Rio Platt won the event
with 1:04.62 followed by a 1:13.85 finish from Aidan Combs and a 1:15.74 finish from Lucas
The Spartans were able to come together for one of their first full-team meets, and it exceeded
expectations! Keep it up, Spartans! Good luck against the Anderson Raptors next week!