Turpin Swim Shines at ECC Meet!

Posted on: January 28, 2021

ECC Swimming/Diving: Girls-1st/ Boys 2nd!  ECC Champions- Alexandra Johnson, Olivia Geiger, Lucia Johnson, Eva Watts, Ava Sutphin, Olivia Studenka, and Lily Blankenship.  Girls dominated the meet with their speed and depth. Boys had speed and spirit to finish 2nd place behind Kings. It was the diving scores that brought the boys from 3rd to 2nd- Great TEAM EFFORT. Three pools, no spectators, compiled results, live streaming... It was amazing how the 2021 ECC Meet Managers and Coaches adapted to the Covid Protocols. Swimmers and Divers were excited to compete! 


Highlights of the ECC Swim and Dive Meet: January 23, 2021


Diving- Top Finishers: 

Girls: Alyssa Carney- 7th, Anna Grimes- 8th; Natalie Combs- 10th; Rosemary Bachman- 11th.

Boys: Logan Bliss- 2nd; Patrick A’Hearn- 5th; Nick Lewis- 6th; Kyle Allen-8th. 


Swimming Top 10 Finishers by Event:

200 Medley Relay:

1st- Alexandra Johnson, Olivia Geiger, Lucia Johnson, Eva Watts- (1:52.40)

4th-Caroline Rupp, Elizabeth Liu, Aubrey Wilver, Olivia Studenka (2:02.75)

4th- Will Meyers, Rio Platt, Henry Carnevale, Peter Schmelzer (1:44.60)

9th- Marceau Bonfils, Hirak Basu, Jack Wagner, Scottie Nimmo (1:51.39)


200 Free:  

2nd- Ava Sutphin- (1:59.75)

8th- Morgan Slaney-8th (2:05.58)

7th- Peter Scheltzwer (1:54.07) 

8th- Henry Carnevale (1:54.37)

9th- Marceau Bonfils-(1:54.89)


200 IM  

5th- Sami Lingo (2:20.29) 

6th-Lucia Johnson (2:22.63) 

7th- Olivia Geiger (2:23.62) 

9th- Olivia Wilson (2:26.36)

5th- Will Meyers (2:09.62)


50 Free

2nd- Eva Watts- (25.23)

4th- Olivia Studenka (25.91)

5th- Lily Blankenship (26.27)

6th- Lily Roberts (26.33)

7th- Jack Wagner (24.32)

8th- Aidan Combs. (24.38)


100 Fly

1st- Lucia Johnson- (1:01.57)

5th- Alexandra Johnson (1:02.88)

8th- Aubrey Wilver (1:05.06)

9th- Caroline Rupp (1:06.46)

9th-Jack Wagner (1:01.39)

10th- Rio Platt (1:02.05)


100 Free

4th- Eva Watts- (56.55

7th-Lily Roberts-(57.68

8th- Lily Blankenship-(57.79)

4th- Marceau Bonfils (52.25)


500 Free 

1st- Ava Sutphin- (5:19.15)

2nd- Morgan Slaney (5:29.17)

4th- Sami Lingo (5:30.82)

5th- Henry Carnevale (5:07.89)

6th- Peter Schmeltzer (5:12.65)


200 Free Relay

1st- Ava Sutphin, Olivia Studenka, Lily Blankenship, Eva Watts (1:43.43)

5th- Lily Roberts, Olivia Wilson, Abby Hartewig, Aubrey Wilver (1:51.22)

4th- Marceau Bonfils, Hirak Basu, Rio Platt, Aidan Combs (1:37.26)

10th- Lucas Peveler, Denny Rusche, Ben Patek, Drake Schaff (1:51.50)


100 Backstroke

4th- Alexandra Johnson- (1:02.85)

8th- Caroline Rupp- (1:09.60)

2nd- Will Meyers (55.07)


100 Breaststroke

3rd- Olivia Geiger (1:12:10)

8th- Aubrey Wilver (1:18.31)

9th- Madison Sweeney (1:21.04)

3rd- Rio Platt- (1:05.95)

8th- Hirak Basu-(1:09.76)

10th- Aidan Combs (1:11.40)


400 Free Relay

3rd- Ava Sutphin, Alexandra Johnson, Lily Blankenship, Sami Lingo (3:47.57)

6th- Olivia Wilson, Lily Roberts, Emily Wang, Lucia Johnson- (4:02.24)

5th- Henry Carnevale, Aidan Combs, Will Meyers, Peter Schmeltzer (3:33.45)


NEXT Meet is the Anderson vs Turpin, Saturday, Jan. 30.  Once again, Anderson will lose….but we won’t rub it in...probably.  A friendly rivalry is always a fun meet with friends.